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Ensure your data is as compliant and accurate as possible.


The Individualised Learner Record (ILR) is a complex summary of data which must be accurate and presented to the ESFA every month. The submission is a way of communicating with the ESFA, confirming “all of the data presented each month is representative of operational activity, accurate, timely, compliant and takes account of any changes which have occurred in the past 30 days”.

The most important role that a Training Provider has is ensuring that the ILR data is correct and compliant, failure to do so can cause significant consequences for your business including significant monetary reclaim and even contract withdrawal.

In most cases people don’t have the knowledge or training to complete the submissions effectively, and in many cases try to decipher the required steps to solve an issue using word of mouth or the limited and difficult to follow guidance available from the ESFA.

Skills Office Network’s team of Data and Compliance specialists currently work with a catalogue of partners to successfully and compliantly claim millions of pounds of ESFA funding per year.

Let Skills Office Network support your organisation with the ILR Data Return by removing the complexity of the entire process and mitigating the risks of reclaims from poor data entry and reporting, enabling you to focus on delivering outstanding training.

Take advantage of our hourly service where we can review, support and develop your teams, embed new skills and enhance the quality and accuracy of the data you report to the ESFA​.

To find out more about how Skills Office Network support you with ILR data, download our ILR and Data Support PDF.



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