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Effective learning resources are accurate, useful, efficient, and relevant.

The right learning resources help to improve educational outcomes for learners by positively influencing teaching and learning, providing learners with the tools, skills and knowledge they need to progress and achieve.

Learning resources are crucial for both educators and learners.

For learners, effective learning resources hold their interest, stimulate thinking, fuel imaginations, and reward repeated use. They captivate both the mind and emotions and build on the learners’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

For educators, they provide valuable information on various topics. They also keep them updated with relevant information and help in their professional development. Our learning resources are designed to help you to deliver maximum impact and benefit to your learners and stakeholders.

Our Services

Design Enhancement Service

Bring your learning to life with our design enhancement service.

Design Enhancement

Curriculum Development Support

Supporting you to develop complete programmes including apprenticeships, bootcamps, commercial training and more......

Curriculum Development

Learning Resources and

Key Themes

Are you integrating key topics into your curriculum effectively?

Key Themes Resources



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