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Ensuring your business is audit-ready for success.

Inspections and scrutiny of working practices against funding rules is always a daunting prospect for any training provider. Regardless of how long you have been delivering contracted provision or how many staff you have, the risks are significant.  Non-compliance and funding errors / over-claims are a significant risk for training providers and in some cases can lead to sizable financial reclaims, contract termination or even force the business to cease trading.


Getting things right the first time is always the best method and when it comes to following protocol and funding rules, prevention is certainly better than cure. 


Similarly to Ofsted, stakeholders like the ESFA will give very short notice of an audit and at this point for many providers its already too late to rectify errors (many of which could have been prevented with some expert guidance and support).


Our support services are simple:

We provide post and pre audit support and can implement support sessions and deep dives within short time frames to help those who face challenges immediately. We don’t just help you to sense check the effectiveness of working practices and processes. We can and do report in detail what issue lay within the provision in relation to meeting the requirements of the funding rules and suggest the best approach to resolving the issues, limiting the impact and reporting accurate data effectively.  


Our expert and extremely seasoned teams have worked directly with the ESFA, DFE and AWD on multiple projects and are equipped to highlight concerns, so there are no surprises when the call arrives, and you will know what to expect and how to present your data during an inspection or audit.

Service Overview

ESFA Audit support

To find out more about how Skills Office Network help ensure your business is audit ready, download our ESFA Audit Support PDF.



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