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Bring your learning to life!


Engaging, interactive, well-structured resources are fundamental to the success of every training programme.

Expertly created by experienced tutors, quality assurance mangers, end-point assessors and designers, our curriculum, qualification and learning plans enable you to deliver maximum impact and benefit to your learners and employers. They are also structured to ensure you capture all the detail required for inspection and auditing.

Our curriculum development and support package includes:


  • Design of complete and compliant apprenticeship programmes

  • Development of complete programmes on an award-winning LMS and MIS platform

  • Creation of engaging delivery models to help promote your programmes

  • Design of face-to-face or virtual workshops, including slides, lesson plans and support materials

  • Development of e-Learning modules and assets.

To find out more about how Skills Office Network help you to bring your learning to life, download our Curriculum Development and Support PDF.

Curriculum Support
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