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Skills Office Network have the proven skills and expertise to:


  • Set you up as a training provider and manage all of your own businesses training needs, supported by the apprenticeship levy.

  • Manage your existing training provision and provider to ensure maximum impact, minimum costs and continued business growth.

  • Match your business with the perfect training provider to meet your current needs and future ambitions.

In short, we save employers time and money while reducing risk and increasing business capability.

Build in-house capability, maximise opportunity and reduce costs.

Skills Office Network understand the vast range of opportunities for employers within the training industry. We also understand the complexities and risks.

We navigate you through processes, compliance and red-tape to equip you with the tools and capabilities you need to deliver business growth through training.

Skills Office Network supported us to develop a learning plan and bespoke delivery model which aligned itself perfectly to our training needs, business objectives and growth strategy.


They also facilitated introductions to a variety of providers who could deliver the specialist support we required.


Skills Office Network took away the pain and stress and made the Apprenticeship Levy work for us.


The services they helped us to develop and implement are now a fundamental part of our staff training and business growth strategies.

John Bramley, Director of Accounts


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