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Are you integrating key topics into your curriculum effectively?


Ensuring that key topics are effectively embedded into curriculum can be a challenge.

Finding resources linked to Safeguarding and Prevent that engage learners is not easy, so our Curriculum Team have developed a suite of resources that explore key topics impacting life in Britain today.

Ofsted Inspectors want to see how curriculum prepares learners for life in Modern Britain. Our resources support this by bringing key topics to life and help learners contextualise them to their own lives.

The resources are fully editable and can be used as self-directed learning, built into workshops, or covered as standalone sessions.

County Lines Exploitation

This resource explores the roles that grooming, exploitation, and violence play in establishing county lines.


Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism

This resource explores the history and resurgence of extreme right-wing violence and the roles that grooming, the internet and disinformation can play.


Healthy Relationships

This resource dispels common myths around domestic abuse and explores the different types of abuse that may occur domestically. This resource will help learners spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship know how to access specialist support services.



This resource explores the rise and impact of incel ideology and its links to violence and extreme right beliefs.



This resource explores the demographics of British Muslims and celebrates the positive contributions they have brought to the UK. The resource also explores the ways in which the teachings of Islam align with British values.


Modern Slavery

This resource explores the laws and realities of modern slavery in the UK. This resource shines a spotlight on the types of industries and the groups of people that are at greatest risk of human trafficking.


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The resource explores the current laws around sexual harassment, the groups at increased risk, and the impact of workplace banter.


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