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Sourcing viable income streams for your business!

As the world we know changes, builds resilience and adapts to the changing labour markets, the skills and training sector will play a pivotal role in the re-training of UK PLC to rebuild and develop our economy. 


Part of the rebuilding process will inevitably include the launch of new government funded training initiatives at a local , regional and national level.

Experience and feedback from our network has highlighted that many providers have the desire and ability to deliver high quality, meaningful and niche training but miss out of these valuable opportunities due to a few simple reasons. 


  • They don't know where to look to find the opportunities

  • They don't have the time or capacity to appoint someone experienced to source opportunities

  • Unable to differentiate between frameworks and public sector funding sources

  • Unable to determine if their business meets eligibility criteria   


  • Unable to demonstrate capability and pass due diligence processes


Let us support you in growing your business in the right direction! 

With an experienced team of bid writers, with over 30 years in the skills industry and excellent success rates, we not only have the ability to identify viable opportunities for your business, we have the skills to support you to demonstrate that you are capable of delivering the contractual requirements.


Our approach is simple:

  • Conduct a robust organisational capacity & capability check

  • Provide a fortnightly tender report, which identifies any suitable opportunities, rated against your capacity / capability

  • A Monthly review call to discuss any tenders in detail and update changes in your business priorities /opportunities (to ensure our search is aligned to your business objectives)


Our contract finding service filters through over 2000 public sector sources of funding to find the right opportunity for you, regardless of contract value. 

Save valuable time and let our seasoned contract managers take care of the searching.


Introductory offer of £40 per month 

Complete our simple ONA and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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